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I have mentioned quite a few podcasts, YouTube videos and websites in my blogs. Here is a list of the ones I refer to most often. I will also put a list of the resources I have been using in my study of Ephesians. (The Alisa Childer’s Podcast) So many good interviews on multiple topics. Her book “Another Gospel? A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity” is an excellent read.

Mike Winger’s videos and podcasts are wonderful! We listen to his 20 Questions with Pastor Mike every Friday. And his in-depth series on books of the Bible and various topics are excellent! Stand to Reason’s website is full of resources such as podcasts, training, videos and articles. Greg Koukl is the person I started listening to 25 years ago who got me interested in apologetics! Melissa Dougherty has a YouTube Channel and a podcast. She comes out of the New Age/New Thought movement and has a great perspective on what is happening in the church today.

Resources for Ephesians:

The Message of Ephesians (The Bible Speaks Today Series) by John Stott. This was originally published in 1979 and was the first resource I would read when beginning my research. Ray Stedman pastored a church in Palo Alto, California for 40 years. I found him when I was looking up commentaries on Ephesians. Although he preached this series of sermons in the 1960s, I have found them to be so relevent for today!

David Guzik’s Enduring Word commentary has been very helpful in my research! John Piper’s “Look at the Book” is great for in depth look at each verse!


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